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MC L.A. is an innovative and rousing entertainer who has a style all to himself.

From 2006-2008 MC L.A. invested his weekends in grooming himself to becoming a sensational MC by dancing for various DJs at Washington Talent. Having danced at over 100 some odd Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, he gained the training and experience necessary for all MC’s to command the dance floor when need be. His precise timing and techniques make his style of hosting absolutely refreshing and memorable. MCLA 10-2012Now a pinnacle member of the AP3 team of MCs, L.A. is a true leader and star at Washington Talent and has a following that is hard to keep up with. MC L.A. is a highly sought after entertainer, with packages for almost any size party. He is happy to come to your home for a personal consultation, or you can schedule an appointment with him at the Washington Talent Rockville or Baltimore studios.Once you meet L.A. in person, you’ll know what we know…he was made for this!


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