Give your party that unique touch with a custom lighting package tailored for your next event. From mild to wild, elegant to outlandish, we offer a lighting package that is sure to fit your tastes and budget.

Basic Lighting Terminology

  • Non-Intelligent – Sound activated lights. These lights can only move to the music. On/Off. No technician on site.
  • Intelligent – These lights can be controlled, programmed and changed to whatever the client needs. These shows come with an on-site technician for the entire event.
  • Uplighting- Colored lighting for anywhere. Walls, columns, ceilings, and doorways. Can be LED or standard light.
  • Pin Spot- Light shot down on centerpieces to light them up. Either hung from ceiling or put on poles around the perimeter.  Poles can be covered to match theme. Based on venue.
  • Custom Gobo- Pattern, name or anything created to project light pattern on designated area.
  • Difference between Haze and Fog– Fog is similar to smoke which is a thick white cloud of particles which makes it hard to see and can cause breathing issues. Haze is a clear reflective water particle. It reflects beams of light without any of the aforementioned problems. We only use Haze!
  • Difference between Vertical and Horizontal Truss – Vertical Truss are upright columns set on the stage or floor.  Horizontal Truss are supported from below allowing the truss to lay over top of the entertainment and/or stage for a unique look.

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