School plays are a time stamp in a childs life and in a parents life watching them grow up…oh so fast. For more than  20 years, Washington Talent has provided Videography and Photography services to schools of all ages in the Baltimore/Washington area for all sorts of activities from sporting events to plays and special presentations.

Hiring a professional company to capture these moments takes a lot of strain and worry off of the shoulder of over-promising parents. In many case, there is no charge for our services with casts of over 50 kids, or commitments from parents of 40 DVDs.

Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 8:02 PM
To: Monica Vidal
Subject: C-Unit Photo Day (s)

Hi Monica,

I love love loooooveee everything so much. You guys did an amazing job. I am so happy this worked out. The parents are flipping at how amazing they are and how professional they are and how you put them together with the kids names on the folders and everything. I am so impressed Alison was able to know all the kids names and get it straight. YAYY!!

Thank you, thank you


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