Who knows more about the details and “behind the scenes tricks of the trade” than the Pros at Washington Talent.

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MarcWilner 1-2012 150x210 Wedding DJ Mark Wilner shares secrets to make the perfect wedding.

Outdoor Music?
First Dance?
Special Request?


Marketing Director, MC and Event Specialist Angel Santiago sees things we ALL miss.

Why am I the best MC for the money?

My dancers are simply the hottest.

L.A. is great, but I trained him!

Why is our Green Screen better?

Strick 150x210

Black Tie Band Leader and President of Washington Talent Strickland Bonner tells all!

 How did WTA begin in 1967?
Why is my band so successful?
First Dance – Live vs. CD?
Why look at Jami?
Yes, Chris is 60?
My triplets keep me Rockin’!

JACK_12.2013 150x210

Lead Photographer Jack Hartzman has a lot to say, but no one really likes how he says anything.

 Mitzvah photography should cost a lot, you’ll like the photos more!
See each other before the wedding, it makes my job easier?
I don’t really like my son, but he makes me a lot of money?
I may be losing my hair, but I’m a kick ass photographer?
I don’t return all my call, but I do put on flowers well?

RLS 150x210 2012

WTA CEO, CPA and PIA Robert Sherman explains why he’s so good looking and more…

 I’m better looking and you just have to deal with it!
Yes – I’m a lawyer and a drummer.
Jake, he’s like me, but I’m still better looking.
WTA isn’t a dictatorship, we just do stuff my way.
Party planners are great as long as I don’t have to deal with them
 ONYX takes requests, we just don’t play them.


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